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Antares 3000/50

Open DSP platform Dialogic Antares series boards

Antares 3000/50
  • Four independent Texas Instruments, TI TMS320C31* 32-bit floating-point DSPs running at 50 MHz, each with high-speed SRAM, enable algorithms developed for the C31 to be easily ported to the Antares board

  • Full-size ISA form factor board. An enhanced version of the Antares 2000/50 with 512 KB (128K words) of local SRAM and 8 MB (2M words) of global DRAM

  • SCbus (or PEB) connectivity allows standard access to off-the-shelf call processing products and provides the capability to build higher density systems

  • Security key (dongle) authorizes each Antares board for a specific firmware download

  • Available complementary signal processing products and telephony interfaces reduce time to market

  • SPOX* real time operating system and kernel

  • Drivers for MS-DOS*, UNIX* (SCO*, UnixWare*, and AIX*), OS/2*, and Windows NT*

- Speech recognition
- Text-To-Speech
- Call Processing
- Datacomm

Antares is a standalone open DSP (Digital Signal Processor) platform developed for medium- and high-density telecommunication applications. The Antares hardware platform with embedded SPOX operating system is supported by a complete open development environment designed to quickly bring call processing technologies to commercial telephony systems. The Antares board can be used in all stages of technology implementation, from initial algorithm development and rapid prototyping through large-scale deployment. The Antares board is a powerful DSP expansion board based on the SCbus. The SCbus provides an open architecture that enables developers to use products from multiple vendors to build a unified call processing solution. SCbus provides features such as distributed switching, logical addressing, and location independent resource management. Antares boards provide the flexibility to support both applications based on SCbus applications or existing applications based on the PCM Expansion Bus (PEB). The Antares boards install in IBM PC and compatible (ISA bus) computers (80386, 80486, or Pentium PC platforms); DEC Alpha processors are also supported.

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