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Dialogic BRI/160SC

High-Density ISDN Basic Rate Interface Board

  • Sixteen digital BRI channels in a single ISA slot

  • SCbus support

The BRI/SC Series boards provide network access via the ISDN Basic Rate Interface (BRI) for CT systems based on the SCbus. The BRI/SC Series complements Single Span and Dual Span Series of voice and digital network interface boards, which all provide ISDN Primary Rate Interface (PRI) Service. Applications developed using the API for ISDN PRI access can be extended easily to access BRI with the BRI/SC Series. Developers can design SCbus-based solutions with the ISDN service that best suits their needs, PRI or BRI. Besides providing network interface functionality, the BRI/SC Series can also be used as a station interface product, enabling direct access to BRI station sets (telephones) from PC-based CT systems. This configuration complements the MSI/SC Series, which provides access to analog telephone sets. Developers of PC-based call centers and telephony switches can now choose between analog and digital station sets.

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