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Brooktrout NetAccess PRI PCI-48V

Dual T1 interface MVIP PCI telephony interface boards

NetAccess PRI PCI-48V
  • Ideal for a wide range of FAX Communications Applications

  • Half-size PCI board form factor is compatible with industry standards and trends

  • Multi-Vendor Integration Protocol (MVIP) support ensures a single universal bus standard allowing simplified expansion and scalability

  • Support for Windows NT® and UNIX® operating systems ensure high reliability in multitasking environments

  • Applications:
    - Network faxing
    - Broadcast fax services
    - Fax-on-demand
    - Interactive voice response
    - And more

    The TRNIC Series of network interface cards provides a seamless, easy path to connect TR114 fax and voice systems to digital telephone lines. The TRNIC+I24T and NetAccess PRI PCI-48V are single slot ISA and PCI add-in cards, respectively, that provide an interface to a North American T1 phone line for up to 24 TR114 fax and voice channels via the PEB or MVIP telephony bus. The TRNIC Series cards are easy to configure. They require no interrupt lines, no software drivers to install, and no application software

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