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Brooktrout TR114+I8V-T1

ISA 8-channel Digital Intelligent FAX board with T1 Network Interface

  • Ideal for a wide range of FAX Communications Applications

  • Full-size ISA board form factor is compatible with industry standards and trends

  • With 8 digital fax processing channels and one -T1 digital network interface, the Brooktrout TR114+I8V-T1 board is ideal high-density fax processing solution in ISA form factor

  • Multi-Vendor Integration Protocol (MVIP) support ensures a single universal bus standard allowing simplified expansion and scalability

  • Support for Windows NT® and UNIX® operating systems ensure high reliability in multitasking environments

  • Configure multiple boards in a single PC chassis for easy and cost-effective system expansion

- Network faxing
- Broadcast fax services
- Fax-on-demand
- Interactive voice response
- And more

Brooktrout Technology’s TR114 Series of intelligent fax and voice boards have long been known as the “top of the line” for various Computer Telephony applications.

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