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Dialogic CPI/200 PCI

Two-Port Analog Fax Dialogic boards for PCI.

  • PCI 2.1 compliant

  • Up to 32 ports and Up to 4 PCI bridges per chassis

  • Two 14.4 Kb/s modems on board

  • T.30 protocol

  • MH, MR, and MMR compression

  • PCX on the fly, ASCII to TIFF on the fly, ASCII to TIFF overlay

  • Continued API support for the GRT interface will let you upgrade to PCI without modifying your existing software applications

The Dialogic CPi/200 PCI Dialogic boards are ideal solutions for computer-based fax installations that require PCI compatibility. They are designed to optimize network-based fax servers and customized applications. They have two telephone line interface circuits approved for direct connection to analog loop start lines.

The dual-processor architecture, composed of a modem and a microprocessor dedicated for each fax channel, provides transmission speeds up to 14.4 Kb/s.

An on-board switch can be set to a unique board number for each Dialogic board within a multi-board configuration. Install multiple Dialogic CPi/200 PCI boards in a single PC chassis to create cost-effective systems that are scalable up to 32 ports.

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