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Dialogic CPI/3000CT-E1

30-Port High-Density Fax Dialogic Boards

  • 14.4Kb/s fax transmission (both sending and receiving) decreases delivery time.

  • MH, MR and MMR compression provides faster throughput.

  • Legacy GammaLink API Native Microsoft Windows NT architecture provides developers a standards-based platform.

  • 30 send-and-receive intelligent fax ports and network interface.

The high-density, single-slot hardware CPi/3000CT-E1 fax Dialogic boards are the new set of Enterprise Fax Boards from Dialogic. This Dialogic boards are ideal for large-scale, enterprise-wide deployments of computer-based-fax applications.

The Enterprise Fax Dialogic boards family, allows users to take advantage of a span of 30 ports of feature-rich fax capabilities, plus an integrated network interface on a single board. By increasing the density and lowering the per-port cost, Dialogic enables its customers to deploy fewer boards per chassis, and ultimately fewer and smaller chassis' overall. This lowers the cost of ownership, enabling a greater number of end-users to deploy fax applications than ever before.

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