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Dialogic D/240SC-T1 Revision A

24 port T1 ISDN BRI Voice Processing Dialogic Boards

  • High channel-per-slot density: one T1 ISDN span with 24 channels of voice processing

  • Lets system integrators and developers to lower costs by incorporating more ports per chassis, using less expensive desktop-style machines, and easing configuration/installation effort

  • Creates more cost-effective switching solutions via access to the SCbus; provides the capability to build higher density systems and larger systems

  • ISA form factor

  • SCbus support lets compatibility with a wide base of existing hardware products, such as TTS and ASR functionality

  • ISA models can interoperate with H.100 devices operating in SC mode using a simple cable adapter

The Single Span Series Dialogic boards are ideal for developers seeking to provide cost-effective, highly scalable, high-density computer telephony (CT) solutions for voice processing applications that require ISDN Basic Rate service termination plus 24 (T1) voice ports in a single PC slot. A unique dual processor architecture comprising of digital signal processors (DSP) and general-purpose microprocessors handles all telephony signaling and performs all DTMF (touchtone) and audio/voice signal processing tasks.

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