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Dialogic D/300JCT-E1

PCI 30-Port E1 Voice Processing Dialogic boards with CSP

  • Supports G.726 bit exact and GSM coders, letting developers implement unified messaging applications that meet Voice Profile for Internet Messaging (VPIM) standards

  • Offered in industry-standard 32-bit PCI form factor for increased performance

  • Supports DSP-based onboard fax and host-based speech recognition to maximize the number of Dialogic boards in the system*

  • Enables system integrators and developers to lower costs by incorporating more ports per chassis, using less expensive desktop-style machines, and easing configuration/installation effort

  • H.100 connector lets developers take advantage of the industry-standard CT Bus and increases the board's capacity to interoperate with other CT Bus compatible Dialogic boards.

The Dialogic D/300JCT-E1 board is the next generation of SpringWare™ based SingleSpan™ products. It is ideal for developers seeking to provide cost-effective, highly scalable, high-density communications applications requiring multimedia resources such as voice, software-based speech recognition, fax, and digital network interface in a single personal computer (PC) slot. These Dialogic boards offer a rich set of advanced features and support state-of-the-art digital signal processing (DSP) technology and industry-standard PCI bus and CT Bus technologies.

Onboard DSP-based fax and support for software-based speech recognition lets developers maximise the number of Dialogic boards in the system for multimedia communications applications such as Web-enabled call centres, unified messaging, or speech-enabled interactive voice response (IVR). The option to use new voice coders such as GSM and G.726 (the de facto standards when complying with Voice Profile for Internet Messaging (VPIM) standards) provides the capability to build unified messaging solutions while leveraging existing legacy messaging systems. In addition, support under GlobalCall™ and CT Media™ software facilitate global deployment and add the flexibility to scale systems to meet the growing needs of your business.

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