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Dialogic D/300PCI-E1

30-Port Voice Processing Plus E1 ISDN PRI Dialogic Boards

  • High channel-per-slot density PCI Bus.

  • Dialogic Downloadable Signal and Call Processing Firmware, SpringWare.

  • PerfectDigit DTMF (Touchtone) Provides Reliable Detection During Voice Playback.

  • Four Independent Motorola DSP56002 Digital Signal Processors.

  • PCI model has H.100/SCbus

The SingleSpan Series Dialogic boards are ideal for developers seeking to provide cost- effective, highly scalable, high-density computer telephony (CT) solutions for voice processing applications that require ISDN Primary Rate service termination plus 30 (E1) voice ports in a single PC slot. A number of different models are available. A unique dual processor architecture comprised of digital signal processors (DSP) and general-purpose microprocessors handles all telephony signalling and performs all DTMF (touchtone) and audio/voice signal processing tasks.

SingleSpan™ Dialogic boards are members of the DIALOG/HD™ High-Density Series of voice products and are based upon the Signal Computing System Architecture™ (SCSA™). SCSA provides an open architecture that lets developers use products from multiple vendors to build a unified CT solution. SCSA provides features such as distributed switching, logical addressing, and location-independent resource management. SingleSpan Dialogic boards are available in both ISA and PCI form factors. PCI models incorporate a CT Bus™ connector that supports SCbus™ operation and H.100 operation.Onboard DSPs provide variable voice encoding at bit rates of 24 and 32 Kb/s for Adaptive Differential Pulse Code Modulation (ADPCM) and bit rates of 48 and 64 Kb/s µ-law or A-law for Pulse Code Modulation (PCM). Sampling rates and coding methods are selectable on a channel-by-channel basis. Applications may dynamically switch sampling rate and coding method to optimize data storage or voice quality as the need arises. SpringWare™ firmware also provides reliable DTMF detection, DTMF cut-through, and talk off/play off suppression over a wide variety of telephone line conditions.Dialogic voice products offer a rich set of advanced features, including state-of-the-art DSP technology and signal processing algorithms, for building the core of any CT system. You can integrate Dialogic voice products easily into exactly the type of system you require at a price and performance level unmatched in the CT industry

In real time, on all channels, Dialogic SingleSpan voice boards can
- connect to 30 telephone channels
- automatically answer calls
- detect touchtones
- play voice messages to a caller
- digitise, compress, and record voice signals
- place outbound calls and automatically report the results

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