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Dialogic D/41DHS

High Performance 4 Port Voice Processing Dialogic Boards

  • Easily expands markets to satisfy international demands by providing a full suite of international telephone network approvals

  • Freedom of choice: supports Windows® 95, Windows NT® (including TAPI/WAVE), MS-DOS®, OS/2®, and UNIX®

  • Provides reliable DTMF detection during voice playback letting callers "type-ahead" through voice menus for quicker completion of call transactions

  • Offers superior voice quality through enhanced telephone circuitry and automatic gain.

  • Lets developers build flexible, cost-effective Internet telephony platforms for small-business applications control.

  • Supports 64 ports per system.

The four-line Dialogic D/41DHS™ board and its two-line version, the Dialogic D/21H™ board, are ideal for applications that need high-performance voice processing but don't require the large-scale system sophistication of SCbus™ or CT Bus™ based products. The D/21H and D/41DHS Dialogic boards use the same Dialogic application programming interface (API) as their predecessors, making it easy to scale existing applications upward to take advantage of the power and features of these boards.

The D/21H and D/41DHS Dialogic boards also have improved voice quality and automatic gain control (AGC) over the legacy D/21D™ and D/41D™ boards. Even the weakest of telephone signals traveling over difficult telephone lines can be recorded and played back with complete clarity.The D/21H and D/41DHS Dialogic boards use the latest digital signal processor (DSP) voice processing technology, making them ideal for small- and medium-sized, server-based computer telephony (CT) systems — particularly under the Windows® operating systems. Windows support includes TAPI and WAVE APIs, which facilitate call control, recording, and playback of voice messages under the Microsoft Windows Open Services Architecture (WOSA). The D/21H and D/41DHS voice processing Dialogic boards give Windows 95 and Windows NT® application developers a powerful platform for creating sophisticated interactive voice response (IVR) applications. The "H Series" Dialogic boards also support use in MS-DOS®, OS/2®, and UNIX® operating system environments.

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