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Dialogic D/41EPCI

4-Port PCI Voice Processing Dialogic Boards with H.100 Interoperability

  • Four independent voice processing ports in a single PCI slot for low- to medium-density enterprise computer telephony applications

  • Each channel: Connects directly to analog loop start telephone line

  • Each channel: Offers application controlled call answering

  • Each channel: Detects touch tones

  • Each channel: Plays voice messages to a caller and digitizes, compresses, and records voice signals

  • Each channel: Places outbound calls and automatically monitors their progress

  • H.100 connector allows developers to take advantage of the industry-standard CT Bus* and increases the board's capacity to interoperate with other CT Bus compatible Dialogic boards

The D/41EPCIis a four-port analog voice processing Dialogic board ideal for developers building enterprise voice messaging and IVR applications for the global market. The D/41EPCI provides four telephone line interface circuits for direct connection to analog loop start lines. A dual-processor architecture, comprising a DSP (digital signal processor) and a general-purpose microprocessor, handles all telephony signaling and performs DTMF (touch tone) and audio/voice signal processing tasks. The open architecture enables developers to build CT solutions using products from multiple vendors. And since you can install multiple Dialogic D/41EPCI boards in a single PC chassis, you can build systems scaling up to 64 ports.

Supported by CT Media™ Telephony Server software, a standards-based development platform for building scalable applications that can run with other vendors' products on converged communications servers

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