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Dialogic D/41ESC

Global SCSA 4-Port Voice Processing Dialogic Boards

  • Four independent voice processing ports in a single PC ISA slot supports low- to medium-density voice systems

  • SCSA™ SCbus™ connectivity enables applications requiring switching and allows access to additional resources such as fax, text-to-speech, and automatic speech recognition

  • A-law or µ-law voice coding at dynamically selectable data rates, 24 Kb/s to 64 Kb/s, selectable on a channel-by-channel basis for optimal trade off between disk storage and voice quality

  • Support for Global Dial Pulse Detection (DPD™) pulse-to-tone conversion software

The D/41ESC™ voice processing Dialogic board brings DSP-based call technology to the global marketplace. This SCSA four-channel, loop start voice Dialogic board complements the series of global telecomputing products provided by Dialogic. The unique interface circuitry of the Dialogic D/41ESC is approvable for connection to analog networks in over 30 countries. (See your Dialogic sales engineer for a list of the latest approvals.)

The D/41ESC provides four telephone line interface circuits for direct connection to analog loop start lines. A unique dual-processor architecture, comprising a DSP (digital signal processor) and a general purpose microprocessor, handles all telephony signalling and performs DTMF (touchtone) and audio/voice signal processing tasks. This architecture allows the Dialogic board to run SpringWare™, the advanced set of call processing firmware features by Dialogic, including selectable rate, high-quality voice coding with speed control, outstanding DTMF detection with cut-through, and advanced outbound call progress analysis.

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