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Dialogic D/42-NS

4-Port Northern Telecom KSU integration Dialogic Boards

  • Voice board with four independent Norstar® TCM digital station interfaces that reduces the cost and complexity of application integration with a Norstar system

  • Interfaces directly to a Northern Telecom Norstar KSU

  • Emulates four M7310 digital station sets

  • Automatically answers calls, detects Touch Tones,plays voice messages to a caller, digitizes, compresses, and records voice signals

  • Places outbound calls and automatically reports the result, retrieves called/calling number ID enabling calls to be intelligently handled, activates/deactivates message waiting indicators to provide message notification, allows supervised (recommended) and blind transfers for automated attendant applications

The D/42-NS board is based on the Dialogic PBX Integration Platform with an industry-standard PCM Expansion Bus™ (PEB) interface enabling access to all PEB supported complementary technologies. A unique dual-processor architecture comprising a digital signal processor (DSP) and a general purpose microprocessor, handles all telephony signaling and performs DTMF (touchtone) and audio/voice signal processing tasks. When used with the Norstar KSU, the D/42-NS board provides a flexible platform for developing integrated computer telephony applications. Dialogic developers can integrate current applications on the D/42-NS board with minimal software modifications and create more efficient applications for the Norstar KSU by offering value-added features. The Dialogic D/42-NS board is an excellent building block for expanding the capabilities of voice processing applications.

The D/42-NSTM is a PC AT® compatible voice processing board that interfaces directly to four-wire digital telephone ports on a Northern Telecom Norstar Key System Unit (KSU). The D/42-NS emulates four M7310 electronic telephones. Application programs using the D/42-NS board can answer incoming calls, place outbound calls, record and playback voice files, detect and generate tones, access the called/calling number ID for calls forwarded or transferred from within the KSU, access trunk ID for calls originating outside the KSU, and control message notification. The D/42-NS board also provides positive disconnect supervision to immediately detect when a caller has hung up.

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