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Dialogic D/4PCI

4-Port Voice Processing Dialogic boards for Small and Medium Enterprise Applications

  • Build flexible, cost-effective messaging and voice response platforms for small- and medium-sized enterprise applications

  • Supports Windows NT® including TAPI/WAVE

  • Caller ID lets applications perform intellgent call handling

  • Provides reliable DTMF detection during voice playback, letting callers "type-ahead" through voice menus for quicker completion of call transactions.

  • Ensures reliability via call progress analysis which monitors outgoing call status quickly and accurately.

The four-line Dialogic D/4PCI™ board is ideal for small- and medium-sized enterprise computer telephony (CT) applications that require high-performance, cost aggressive voice processing but don't need the large-scale system sophistication of SCbus™ or CT Bus™ based products.The Dialogic D/4PCI board uses the latest digital signal processor (DSP) voice processing technology, making it ideal for server-based CT systems — particularly under the Windows® operating systems. Windows support includes TAPI and WAVE APIs which facilitate call control, recording, and playback of voice messages under the Microsoft Windows Open Services Architecture (WOSA) and lets developers quickly develop robust unified messaging applications.

The D/4PCI voice processing Dialogic board gives Windows NT® application developers a powerful platform for creating sophisticated interactive voice response (IVR) applications for the small- and medium-sized enterprise market. Caller ID support lets applications such as IVR receive calling party information via a telephone trunk line. Caller ID is supported for North America (CLASS protocol), the United Kingdom (CLI protocol), and in Japan (CLIP protocol).The Dialogic Global Dial Pulse Detection™ (DPD) algorithm is available for the Dialogic D/4PCI board, enabling applications to be deployed in countries with limited touchtone telephone service. Global DPD™ is optimized for a number of countries and provides superior dial-pulse detection.Offered as additional software options, SpeechWorks-Host™ continuous speech recognition and TextTalk™ text-to-speech (TTS) software let you differentiate your offerings with state-of-the-art speech technologies for command and control of advanced IVR and unified messaging applications.

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