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Dialogic D/640SC

64 port DSP-based voice resource Dialogic boards with SCbus connection to separate digital network interfaces

  • 64 independent voice channels in a single slot connect to digital network inter-faces (16 channels in a half ISA slot also available). Build larger analog or digital CT systems while reducing overall system cost by using a PC chassis.

  • Create more cost-effective switching solutions via access to the SCSA™ SCbus™ with its 1024 time slot capacity; SCxbus™ interbox communications provides the capability to build higher den-sity systems and large, multinode systems

  • Compatibility with PEB™ bus allows High-Density Digital Voice Series Dialogic boards to be dropped into existing applications with little or no code modification, providing increased system density while maintaining compatibility with a wide range of existing applications and hardware products such as fax, TTS, and ASR

The High-Density Digital Voice Series of voice processing Dialogic boards is ideal for developers to provide cost-effective, highly scalable, high-density computer telephony (CT) solutions for voice processing applications that require call processing for up to 64 voice or data channels in a single PC slot. A unique multiprocessor architecture comprised of digital signal processors (DSPs) and general-purpose microprocessors handles all telephony signaling and performs all DTMF (touchtone) and audio/voice signal processing tasks.

These Dialogic boards are built without onboard telephone network interfaces, intended to serve as shared voice and tone signaling processors in a larger SCbus or PEB switching application. Any of the independent voice/tone resources can be dynamically routed to serve any of the 1024 time slots on the SCbus.

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