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Dialogic DM/F300-PCI

30-Port High-Density Fax Dialogic Boards

  • 30 send-and-receive intelligent fax ports

  • Developers' choice of API - legacy "GammaLink" API, industry-standard S.100 API, or Dialogic R4 API

  • Native Microsoft Windows NT* architecture gives developers a standard environment

  • Supports industry-standard H.100 and SCbus specifications making it easy to increase density without replacing hardware

  • V.17 14.4 Kb/s fax transmission

  • ITU T.30, T.4 compliance

  • MH, MR, and MMR compression provides faster throughput that increases the number of pages that can be faxed per minute

  • Compact PCI form factor

30-Ports of feature-rich fax capabilities. These Dialogic boards are best for large-scale, enterprise-wide and service provider deployments of computer-based-fax applications.

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