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Dialogic LSI/81SC

8-port analog loop start network interface Dialogic boards

  • Intelligent analog interface Dialogic boards provide loop start network connectivity to SCbusTM-based computer telephony systems

  • Enable high-density applications

  • Distributed SCbus switching permits inbound/outbound call re-routing, both inter-board as well as intra- board

  • Signaling functions such as loop seizure, current detection, and ring are controlled and monitored through the host-PC interface

  • Toll quality voice encoding and decoding

  • Support for Caller ID calling party number retrieval

  • Transient protection circuitry for high reliability

The LSI/SC Series is intended for use where isolation voltage requirements do not exceed 1500V. This includes the US, Canada, and Japan. The LSI/SC Dialogic boards are also suitable for use behind a customer premises switch.

The LSI/SC™ Series provides access to analog telephone lines for computer telephony systems based on the industry standard SCbus. These Dialogic boards provide eight independent analog loop start interface circuits. Voice and voice-band signals are digitized and passed in real time between the analog telephone network and the SCbus. These Dialogic boards have on-board CODECs and contain DSPs that provide a broad range of tone signaling capabilities.

The LSI/SC products are intelligent network interfaces containing a control processor for handling loop signaling and automatically answering incoming calls. These Dialogic boards are ISA AT form factor boards that install in a single 16-bit expansion slot.

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