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Dialogic Proline/2V

Two-port DSP-based voice Dialogic boards with onboard analog telephone interface

  • Two independent voice processing ports in a single, 2/3-size ISA slot supporting low- to medium-density voice systems

  • Configure multiple Dialogic Proline/2V boards in a single PC for easy and cost-effective system expansion, and to build scalable systems from two to 32 ports

  • Audio connectors allow convenient offline recording and playback of system voice prompts

  • Electret microphone input jack allows convenient online recording of system voice prompts

  • Caller ID capability for "screen pop" applications (supports Bellcore* CLASS protocols)

Dialogic Proline/2V is a feature-rich, two-port voice board in a 2/3 length ISA form factor that is ideal for the small/medium business (SMB) market segment. The Dialogic Proline/2V has audio connectors and an electret microphone that allow for convenient online and offline recording and playback of system voice prompts.

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