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Dialogic SCX160

SCxbus Extension switchless Adapter Dialogic Boards

  • 1024 channel multi-node single stage SCxbus interconnect that enables developers to run an application across multiple PCs (nodes)

  • Switchless design that takes advantage of the inherent switching capabilities of the SCbus

  • Standard Dialogic ISA bus host interface with Board Locator Technology (BLT) circuits

  • SCxbus compliant interface with transceivers capable of connecting up to 16 nodes within an overall SCSI-3 cable length of 15 meters

  • Node hot plugability, which allows a node to be attached to or removed from the SCxbus without corrupting live traffic or disturbing the entire system

  • Controlled slip stream buffers

  • Fault tolerant clocking, which provides robust network synchronization

  • SCxbus dual clock scheme, which increases system available time

  • Background diagnostics that continually monitor clock, frame and data integrity

  • Fault reports when user-defined thresholds are exceeded

  • Programmable interrupts

  • A shared RAM interface

The Dialogic SCX160 SCxbus Adapter converts internal SCbus TTL signals into external SCxbus RS485 type signals, and vice-versa, for communications between SCSA devices installed in up to 16 PC hosts. Each SCX160 SCxbus Adapter is assigned a unique node identification number.

The Dialogic SCX160 SCxbus Adapter supports the following:

Quick access to board parameter information with the SCX160 InfoTool

Downloadable parameter file

SCbus and SCxbus time slot assignment under control of the Dialogic Service Startup program

Data channels (time slots) where the full bandwidth is used for data transmission; no data bandwidth is wasted for synchronization, signaling, or administration tasks

Real time diagnostics that run continuously

Data stream blocking if the total time slot requirements of your multi-node system exceeds the 1024 time slot limitation of the SCxbus

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