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Dialogic VFX/40ESC Plus

SCSA 4-PORT voice/fax Dialogic boards

VFX/40 ECS Plus
  • 14,400 b/s (v.17) with ITU-T Group 3 and ETSI NET/30 compliance ensures operation with fax machines worldwide, provides seamless voice + fax integration at hardware and software levels, and supports full compliance of ITU-T (T.4, T.30) specifications.

  • ASCII-to-fax conversion on the fly allows direct transmission of text files and frees host computer for other processing

  • Dynamic page width conversion preserves aspect ratio for undistorted images while sending and receiving varying page sizes according to capabilities of remote machine

  • Page concatenation on the fly allows sending of multiple images in one fax

  • Text and graphics artwork can be combined on same page permitting mixing of coding methods

The Dialogic VFX/40ESC plus board builds on the baseline performance of the VFX/40ESC by adding more DSP RAM. This additional horsepower allows the Dialogic VFX/40ESC plus board to apply Modified Huffman (MH), Modified READ (MR) and Modified Modified READ (MMR) fax image compression to both transmit and receive coding. The board also incorporates several powerful new features found on the latest Dialogic voice processing boards.

The VFX/40ESC plus board includes support for:

International caller ID (CLASS, CLIP, ACLIP, and Japan CID)

Global Dial Pulse Detection (DPD)

Speech recognition


WAVE file support at 11 kHz linear PCM

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